Noa Dolberg

UX/UI Designer

Organic Interfaces That Aim to Foster Hope

City of Hope is a private, not-for-profit clinical research center, hospital, and a medical school, mostly known for its achievements in treating cancer patients. I was working as a UX Designer and Art Director on this unique multi-platform integrated environment. The visitor progresses in the space as the story and experience unfold.

In collaboration with Belzberg Architects, we created a sculptural hollow, cocoon-like shape with three touchscreen segments facing outwards. We workshopped the content to discover patients, caregivers, researchers, facilities, etc. are intertwined, and no story can be discussed separately from another. A molecule-shape interface dynamically pushes content based on the visitor’s selections.

The three touchscreen segments are stitched together with connective tissue made of diffused LED mesh. The big blobs leave the screens to the mesh, adding directionality to the space.

The inside of the sculpture is a quiet sitting area with a projection of a breathing origami-inspired Wishing Tree. Inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition celebrated by writing wishes or poems on pieces of colorful papers later hanged on a tree, visitors text a wish that adds to the tree’s foliage. A micro responsive website opens the wishing to the public. Visitors set the color of the leaves, and existing wishes can be opened, viewed and shared.


Visitor journey, content strategy, and interaction design, prototype

Gallagher & Associates Exhibit Design and Media Belzberg Architects Developer Stimulant Photography Weldon Brewster
Gallagher & Associates Exhibit Design and Media Belzberg Architects Developer Stimulant Photography Weldon Brewster


– Exploration Wall (3 segments each 2x55'' touchscreens)
– Connective Tissue (Diffused LED mesh running between the segments)
– Wishing Tree (Projection + Text integration)


Belzberg Architects
Exhibit Design and Media: Gallagher & Associates
Developer: Stimulant
Photography: Weldon Brewster



City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Duarte, CA


Gallagher & Associates




UX Design, Interaction Design, Art Director



– User Journey
– Content Analysis and Strategy
– Information Architecture
– Wireframes & Annotations
– User stories & Feature sets
– Rapid Prototyping
– Software prototyping
– User testing, Q/A
– Launch support