Noa Dolberg

UX/UI Designer

Turning the National Blues Museum Visitors into Blues Legends

For the National Blues Museum in downtown St. Louis, the team was looking for ways to engage visitors–many of them coming in school groups–in a fun, hands-on musical experience through which they could discover musicians and genres.

Like any blues legend, visitors were asked to start the experience by coming up with a stage name. As they progress through the museum, they get to learn about the AAB Blues lyrics structure, about musical styles, musicians, and experiment with a touch piano, harmonicas, and guitars and record tracks. A little vinyl-shape progress bar slip out of its cover to indicate progression. At the last stop, they mix their tracks in a mixing console. Provided with pre-designed templates, swatches, and text editing tools, they create a unique album cover. Once this journey is complete, the visitors submit their album, complete their journey, and by that become one of the museum’s Blues Legends. The albums are featured in the hall of fame gallery alongside other visitors’ submissions. 

Participating visitors get a link to their complete album and can choose to share it on social media.


Visitor journey, content strategy, and interaction design, paper prototype


– Become a Blues Legend: AAB, piano, harmonica, guitar and mixing console (11 27" touchscreens)
– Jugband Room (4 32" touchscreens, physical instruments, 80" LSD screen)
– Matchbox Mix (1 32" touchscreen)


Exhibit Design and Media: Gallagher & Associates
Developer & AV Integrator: BBI Engineering



Gallagher & Associates




UX Design, Interaction Design



– User Journey & Flows
– Content Analysis and Strategy
– Information Architecture
– Wireframes & Annotations
– User stories & Feature sets
– CMS specs
– Rapid Prototyping
– Software prototyping
– User testing, Q/A
– Launch support